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Anderson, Robert (2015) After the fall. [Show/Exhibition]

Anderson, Robert (2016) Cessation. [Artefact]

Anderson, Robert (2016) Diagramming the archive. [Show/Exhibition]

Anderson, Robert (2015) Spolia. [Show/Exhibition]


Barker, Garry (2018) Boat at sea. [Artefact]

Barker, Garry (2018) Drawing and the street texts of Chapeltown. Drawing: Research, Theory and Practice, 3 (1). pp. 75-85. ISSN 2057-0384

Barker, Garry (2017) Drawing as a tool for shaping community experience into collective allegory. In: Collective and collaborative drawing in contemporary practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 192-215. ISBN 9781527503472

Barker, Garry (2015) Drawing as collective narrative. In: Drawing Conversations Symposium, December 2015, Coventry University.

Barker, Garry (2021) Drawing the Embodied Mind: A Project Report on Research Into Interoception. PSIAX #5 ESTUDOS E REFLEXÕES SOBRE DESENHO E IMAGEM, 5. pp. 17-24. ISSN 1647-8045

Barker, Garry (2017) Garry Barker: piscean promises - Leeds Arts University. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2017) Garry Barker: piscean promises - Workshop Press Gallery. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2017) Garry Barker: tree listening: a ceramic installation. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2011) In the shadow of the hand - narrative drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2021) Is It To Feel Each Limb Grow Stiffer, Is It To Feel The full Potential Of A Life? TRACEY, 15 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1742-3570

Barker, Garry (2020) NEST. [Artefact]

Barker, Garry (2015) New territories of the filth dimension. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2017) Stories from the sculpture city. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2013) There is nothing like a shave to make a pig feel like a man again. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry (2021) Votive Cards. [Artefact]

Barker, Garry (2018) You and I are discontinuous beings. [Show/Exhibition]

Barker, Garry and Donna, Coleman (2021) The Screen Will Not Fill the Void. [Artefact]

Blagg, Peter (2022) Bees, Mills and Museums. [Artefact]

Blakeley, Lydia (2018) You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie. [Show/Exhibition]

Boiangiu, Gabriela Monica (2022) Weeds. [Artefact]

Broadhead, Samantha (2014) Paula Chambers: A review of ‘With Intent: Fanciful Objects’ [review]. Yorkshire Arts Journal.


Chambers, Paula (2016) Transcendental housework. JourMS: The Journal of Mother Studies, 1.

Crouch, Amelia (2019) Call it what you like. Art as words, spoken and heard. Corridor 8.

Crouch, Amelia (2019) Ericka Beckman & Marianna Simnett at FACT Review. Burlington Contemporary [online].

Crouch, Amelia (2018) In uncertain words. In: Complexities Appeals and Paradoxes of Language, 17 November 2018, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, Birkbeck University. (Unpublished)

Crouch, Amelia (2017) Latent voices: how public art of the past can speak in the present. Corridor 8.

Crouch, Amelia (2015) Launchpad. [Show/Exhibition]

Crouch, Amelia (2015) 'Lucy Beech: me and mine' review. The Double Negative.

Crouch, Amelia (2015) Nor stamp hard on the ground neither. UNSPECIFIED.

Crouch, Amelia (2020) Our Plan is to Announce. [Artefact]

Crouch, Amelia (2015) ‘Public’ Art on Campus: strategy and reality in UK universities. a-n.

Crouch, Amelia (2019) Re-collections: Susan Hiller, Elizabeth Price, Georgina Starr. Corridor8.

Crouch, Amelia (2016) Reflexive modernity: the work of Chris Paul Daniels. The Double Negative.

Crouch, Amelia (2017) Simple tools make the task easier. UNSPECIFIED.

Crouch, Amelia (2017) Spectral evidence. N/A. (Unpublished)

Crouch, Amelia (2015) Tomorrow belongs to nobody. [Artefact]

Crouch, Amelia (2015) The follies of youth. [Show/Exhibition]

Crouch, Amelia (2014) A parlay. N/A.

Crouch, Amelia (2016) The scientific method. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Kelly (2019) Biomórfica. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Kelly (2015) MANUAL v1.1. [Artefact]

Cumberland, Kelly (2020) Tracing entropy. [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Kelly and Walker, Michael (2015) Manual v.2.0: Dibuix per La Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina (A drawing for Placa Porta de Santa Catalina). [Show/Exhibition]

Cumberland, Kelly and Walker, Michael (2016) Manual v.2.1. [Artefact]


Dale, Nicola (2021) Arranged in Time and Space. [Artefact]

Dale, Nicola (2021) The Distressed Look. [Artefact]

Dale, Nicola (2021) Echo Chambers. [Artefact]

Dale, Nicola (2021) Ideas Are Easy - Artist tutorial. [Video]

Dale, Nicola (2021) It Is Solved By Walking. [Show/Exhibition]

Dale, Nicola (2021) Strike. [Show/Exhibition]

Darbyshire, Ralph (2018) Not really understanding stuff: A reptile reliquary. [Artefact]


Gaffney, Sheila (2021) After the Jugness of the Jug: a drawing to make sculpture from. Method: plan & elevation with a touch of embodied dreaming thrown in. [Artefact]

Gaffney, Sheila (2015) Reflections on The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. [Creative Project]

Gaffney, Sheila and Schwab, Linda (1994) Object. [Artefact]

Gaffney, Sheila and Schwab, Linda (1994) Wunderkammer: the female gaze objectified. [Show/Exhibition]


Horton, Derek and Blakeley, Lydia (2017) Leisure. [Show/Exhibition]


Kerchy, Anna and Jakab, Zsófia (2018) Beckoning. [Show/Exhibition]


Lori, Ope (2019) Beyond the feminine: The politics of skin colour and gender in visual representations. Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781788315036 (In Press)

Lori, Ope (2019) ‘Should I, shouldn’t I?’: A self-reflexive study in unpacking ideologies of race while devising a critical studies fine art programme. In: Inclusion and Intersectionality in Visual Arts Education. Trentham Books @IOE Press. ISBN 9781858568393


McAra, Catriona (2021) Kate MccGwire: Boundary Creatures. In: Kate MccGwire. Anomie. ISBN 9781910221259

McAra, Catriona (2017) A surrealist stratigraphy of Dorothea Tanning’s chasm. Routledge. ISBN 9781472463449

McAra, Catriona, Weisz Carrington, Gabriel, Aberth, Susan L., Wynd, Viktor and Warner, Marina (2016) Leonora Carrington/Lucy Skaer. [Show/Exhibition]

Mooney, Abbie (2020) The Chris Graham Collection. [Show/Exhibition]

Murai, Mayako and Konoike, Tomoko (2018) Tomoko Konoike: Fur Story. [Show/Exhibition]


Ono, Yoko and Abbott, Andy (2019) Yoko Ono at Leeds. [Show/Exhibition]


Palin, Tom (2019) Involvement, inbetweenness and abstract painting. In: Painting The In-Between. Metapoiesis Press, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. ISBN 9781916073906

Palin, Tom (2012) Local imagination. [Show/Exhibition]

Palin, Tom (2019) Pictures, truths and methods: from function to form in abstract painting. In: Abstract Painting Now, 4 February 2019, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. (Unpublished)

Palin, Tom (2014) SUM. In: SUM. Leeds Arts University.


Simpson, Ben (2018) The norms: processes and production. [Artefact]

Steans, David (2021) Curtainz. [Creative Project]

Steans, David (2018) From the lounge. [Artefact]

Steans, David (2019) Necrotic biography room. Pavilion and Leeds Arts University.


Taylor, Sarah (2017) Aspirational beauty: painting class …the importance of personal narrative in painting. In: Teaching Painting: How Can Painting be Taught in Art Schools? Black Dog publishing, London. ISBN 9781911164104

Taylor, Sarah and Gaffney, Sheila (2018) Regenring …visual lives. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 11 (2). pp. 217-232. ISSN 1753-5204

Taylor, Sarah and Nougarède, Magali (2014) Labour exchange. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Sarah and Paul, Lewis (2022) Backgrounds and Backdrops. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Sarah and Paul, Lewis (2015) Catalytic commoning. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Sarah and Paul, Lewis (2017) Little pink bush. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Sarah and Paul, Lewis (2019) London Spinner. Shortwave.

Tyman, Derek (2014) Where do I end and you begin. [Show/Exhibition]

Tyman, Derek and Rushton, Emma (2013) Fear of the surplus. [Show/Exhibition]


Virgoe, April (2015) Grimsby School of Art architectural facade. Grimsby School of Art.

Virgoe, April (2021) Nexus, veil: Robert Ryman and the equivocal spaces of abstraction. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 7 (1-2). pp. 39-59. ISSN 2052-6709

Virgoe, April (2019) Phase III le modulor /Phase IV intersections art/architecture. Galerie HLM.

Virgoe, April, Holley, Patrick and Lillywhite, Chris (2016) Lost and found. [Artefact]


Woolley, Dawn (2014) All coherence gone? historical currents in contemporary still life group exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Woolley, Dawn (2016) Consumer poster project. [Show/Exhibition]

Woolley, Dawn (2019) Swap editions: BREX-Kit group exhibition and multiples edition. [Show/Exhibition]

Woolley, Dawn (2013) Wild oats group exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Woolley, Dawn and Herrington, Katie (2018) Still life: things devouring time. [Show/Exhibition]

Woolley, Dawn and Watne, Davin (2018) Dreamers. [Show/Exhibition]

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