A parlay

Crouch, Amelia ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9355-8254 (2014) A parlay. N/A.


The content of this artists’ book comes from a series of conversations held with individuals at Leeds Art Gallery. The conversations were based upon and departing from the sculpture ‘Atom Body Was Light’ by Liliane Lijn, from Leeds Sculpture Collection. The book is a three-pronged experiment. Firstly, aiming to discover the range of responses that may be elicited by a single artwork and how people’s interpretation is shaped by other aspects of their life. Secondly, playing with combination and manipulation of responses. Most of the words in the book are quoted direct from interviewees, but the artist’s voice comes to the fore in selection, editing and sequencing of content. Thirdly the book explores ways of presenting text visually, with a nod do concrete poetry. The relationship between the visual and verbal is an on-going interest in Crouch’s work, and graphically presenting words spoken about a visual artwork provided a fruitful challenge. The work was produced with funding from Leeds Inspired and supported by Leeds Art Gallery.

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