Wild oats group exhibition

Woolley, Dawn ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6958-5658 (2013) Wild oats group exhibition. [Creative Project]


Wild Oats brings together a group of artists who use food and the rituals of eating to comment on contemporary life, gender stereotypes and commodity culture. (curated by Dawn Woolley). Miina Hujala’s film Illallinen (The Dinner) explores the complex identification and idealization processes that take place during courtship. In the film the couple create an ideal, romantic occasion but they construct images of themselves that they believe the other wants to see – communicating a wish to be the object of the other’s desire. In Prise d’assault (Under Assault) Noemi McComber addresses issues of overconsumption, and the handling of waste while depicting unrestrained violence. The performance becomes a “…humiliating trial of judgment and soft stoning by way of food…[a] painful tar and feather-like ordeal, as if under siege by an angry mob of tots laying waste to an over-stocked kitchen.” Stephanie Bertrand (Author and Curator). Dawn Woolley’s photographs and sculptures reflect contemporary attitudes to consumerism and the commodification of human relationships through the consumption of food. The resulting still life’s comment on the gender distinctions upheld through commodity culture and the rituals of food consumption. Surreal Summer Fete is a performance by Ellen Sampson and Dawn Woolley in which they serve a variety of small edible sculptures to the (mostly unwilling) public during the exhibition opening. With shapes, and textures derived from ideas of romance, desire and gender norms, the objects will offer a surreal take on everyday finger foods. A food sculpture workshop took place within the exhibition as part of Diffusion International Photography Festival and Made in Roath Community Art Festival.

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