Cumberland, Kelly ORCID logoORCID: (2019) Biomórfica. [Show/Exhibition]


The output is an exhibition comprising a series of drawings accompanied by a site-responsive installation, where Cumberland constructed new work responding to the architecture of the space. Research process: Central to Cumberland’s research practice is an investigation into complex relationships between repetition, reproduction and difference and its manifestations as expanded drawing practice. The research explores biomorphic elements referencing naturally occurring patterns or shapes reminiscent of living organisms with a focus on microbiology. Material research was undertaken on-site as Cumberland employed new methods as part of the making, using paper, vinyl, pigment, acrylic and projection. The research processes and techniques allowed the architectural support to become an element of the drawing. Research insights: It was found that the audience response to the exchange of ideas and exploration of visual communication from different cultural perspectives was important. Connections to the significance of paper cutting (paper picado) in Mexican culture were discovered through linking contemporary Western art to historic Mexican craft and traditions. Dissemination: The research was disseminated through an exhibition in September 2019 at Liliput Gallery, Puebla, Mexico, a contemporary art gallery representing international contemporary artists. The exhibition was selected by a jury from RADAR Mexico and was sponsored by Laserweb. The work was also disseminated via newspaper articles, digital publishing, social media publicity and a radio broadcast. An accompanying text was published by Mexican Art Historian, Arturo Alvar.

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