Barker, Garry ORCID logoORCID: (2023) Breathless. [Artefact]


The output consists of 17 digital prints designed to explore various ways of visualizing the artist’s interoceptual experiences when suffering from breathing difficulties brought on by the Covid 19 virus. Research Process: Notebook drawings were made during a period of illness that was brought on due to a covid 19 infection. In particular, various visualisations were made of the state of breathlessness that had been induced by the covid virus. Initial notebook drawings were developed further by both drawing and printmaking processes as Barker recovered from the covid19 virus attack. As these images emerged from the various processes of visualisation, two distinct stages of image formulation were developed. Images from both stages were finally then scanned, processed and developed as digital prints, so that more control could be made over colour variations and to cohere handmade marks with monoprinted and collaged elements. Final digitisation allowed these images to be disseminated online as well as in printed formats. Research Insights: The research revealed a particular approach to the process of image development, in relation to the visualisation of an experience that had no existing associated images available for reference. Working from very ‘sketchy’ visual notes, the images produced in the first stage of development, were more figurative, relying on memories of analogous experiences of particular places, objects and situations. During the second stage of image development, the imagery became more abstracted, emerging from the processes of materials investigation and more universal in their metaphorical associations. Dissemination: The artefacts were exhibited at Workshop Press Gallery, England, 16-30 June 2023. They were also presented at two interoception workshops on 27 July 2023 at the Institute for Health Research and Innovation, University of Porto, Portugal. Additionally, the artefacts were published by i2ADS on 15 December 2023 as part of an article for PSIAX 7.

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