Seeding art currency

Sykes, Janine ORCID logoORCID: (2018) Seeding art currency. East Street Arts, Leeds.


The output is a curatorial project, collaborating with East Street Arts (Patrick Studios). It was informed by a literature review which found that rethinking curation methods and practices is necessary to suit the current social mediascape and political economic climate. ‘Seeding Art Currency’ (SAC) took place in Art Hostel (16 October–30 November 2018), a member of the Worldpackers network and a social enterprise run by ESA. Research process: The project employed a mixed-method, mostly qualitative approach, including action research, case-study and discourse analysis. The curation is further scrutinised through analysing participation and blended models provided by curators and educationalists Simon (2010) Graham (2010) and Salmon (2004). Action research is employed through a reflective log throughout. Discourse analysis took the form of coding statements posted by citizens (from 13 countries) onto the SAC (Google map). Language was coded into two types: ‘creative’ and ‘relationships.’ Research insights: The key contribution of the ‘SAC’ project is a new model of blended curation practice – emerging from the intersection of techniques from Education, Art and Curation and the Communications sectors. Through discourse analysis (of the creative code) a pattern of ‘shifts in perception’ emerges, which infers that knowledge-construction was taking place. According to Pringle (2013), cognitive shifts are precisely what ‘quality’ curation does. Googlemaps was limiting, therefore a second project will employ further e-learning techniques for collective-knowledge construction. Dissemination occurred through a paper ‘Seeding Art Currency,’ International Journal of Art and Design Conference, Creating Spaces: Inclusivity, ethics and participation in art and design education, 22 - 23 February 2019. Each element of the events programme was shared through Art Hostel Blog ESA e-metrics: -Engagement with posts-1,470; -Reach of posts-56,578; -1,018 web visits; -205 expressed interest in the Facebook events. The project appears on the Sisters Hope Academy:

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