Superhumanism 3

Mosley, Duncan (2018) Superhumanism 3. [Show/Exhibition]


On November 29th 2018, The Nicholas Treadwell Gallery published the book Superhumanism 3. This large monograph of the gallery’s history is the third volume in a trilogy of publications that chronicles the artists and artworks represented and purchased for the private collection of the international gallerist Nicholas Treadwell. The book selects 200 art works from the collection’s 600 pieces which also includes works by artists such as Joe Tilson and the collaborative partnership of Sue Webster and Tim Noble. My selected paintings feature in the chapter entitled ‘The Nineties’. Included are three paintings shown at several exhibitions from 1995 – 2014 on pages p79, p85, p89. The first volume of the three books, Superhumanism, A British Art Movement (Treadwell, N. Foster, P) was published in 1979 and the second volume, Superhumanism 2 (Treadwell, N) was published in 1982. The latest volume, Superhumanism 3 (Treadwell, N), is seen as the final book in this series and is structured as a chronology of the gallery’s past to its present location in Vienna. The book’s format presents the work of the artists by means of the decade in which the works were first exhibited. My work is featured in the chapter entitled ‘The Nineties’. Included are three paintings shown at several national and international exhibitions between 1995 – 2014. All of these particular works were executed in the 1990’s, subsequently purchased by the gallery and have been exhibited in many shows in London, Switzerland and Austria. My paintings, ‘David Bowie Came for Tea, again’ 1998, ‘Breaking’ 1990 and ‘The Non – Smokers’ 1995 are reproduced in the chapter ‘The Nineties’. EXHIBITION: To accompany the launch of the book these paintings were curated in the exhibition called ‘Superhumanism 3 – The Nicholas Treadwell Collection’, which was held at The Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Grosse Neugasse 18, 1040 Vienna, and ran from November 29th 2018 – January 31st 2019. Four of my paintings were exhibited, three of which appear in the book.

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