Davies, Adrian ORCID logoORCID: (2017) Veins. Look International Photography Festival.


The output, Veins, is an exhibition comprising a series of photographs. Research process: The photographs within the series present a view of mega cities within the Far East. Examining the relationships between images of the familiar utopian city skyline to those captured on the ground at close range. The series highlights the infrastructures that ensure a city has services to function. Often hidden from view, these essential city veins of wires and pipes expand as the city evolves and strangely mimic the organic growth of nature. The series shows a city in development that is not a part of an architectural design for urban utopia. It reflects on global connectivity through photographs being made within a number of mega cities within the far east. The edit and scale of images selected is an important aspect, as multiple images are used to highlight connections between cities within a number of countries. Research insights: The series comments on the wider themes of globalisation and homogenisation. A photograph depicting a model of a city is included within the series, but is not instantly recognisable as such within the exhibition. This helps to raise the question of pre-perceived visions and altered realities of the city environment. Exploring approaches to photographic practice is considered and the relationship of travel photography to the personal experience of being in a specific location to photograph is reflected upon. Dissemination: The work was selected for the theme ‘Cities of Exchange’ for the Liverpool Look International Photography Festival and was disseminated at Cities of Exchange: a small view gallery, as part of the festival.

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