Forwards always – seasonal observations through image and word

Hodson, Matthew ORCID logoORCID: (2017) Forwards always – seasonal observations through image and word. [Show/Exhibition]


The output is a creative project comprising twelve large scale printed banners, spreads from a poetry book, developmental sketchbook work and examples of broader contextual inputs. Research Process: The work exhibited was underpinned by Hodson’s ongoing research into open mode play and improvisation. The exhibit to sought to promote improvisation as a vital methodology within the practices of both drawing and writing. The drawings for these banners were made with pen & ink. It is during this process of drawing where I have implemented new models of abstraction and simplification to reduce each idea down to its bare minimum in an attempt to convey the specific mood or atmosphere observed at its point of conception. This has meant drawing roughs and sketches exhaustively across sketchbooks, in order to refine each design to its most immediate and impactful. In addition, further practices of iteration and modulation through drawing have allowed Hodson to refine the choreography of each drawing as a studio-based performance. The concept for the banners emerged from Hodson’s involvement in the Natives residency held in Swaledale, during spring 2016, led by Nicolas Burrows. Research Insight: Advocating improvisation as a means by which the poet or illustrator can identify, sustain and develop their own emerging tone of voice through performance and play. Hodson’s research is informed by Csíkszentmihályi’s writing around Flow Theory, Nachmanovitch’s discussions on improvisation and Gladwell’s writing on the Adaptive Subconscious. The underlying principle emerged from the work on the importance of open mode, uninhibited play and improvisation. Dissemination: The exhibition was held at the Vernon Street Gallery, Leeds Arts University during the Thought Bubble International Comics Festival, held Sept 18th -24th 2017.

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