Data Garden: Kyriaki Goni

Tsionki, Marianna ORCID logoORCID: (2023) Data Garden: Kyriaki Goni. Real Simple Syndication Press. ISBN 978-87-972365-7-4


The output is an exhibition catalogue accompanying Kyriaki Goni’s research exhibition Data Garden at the Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University curated by Tsionki. The book is edited by Tsionki, including her curatorial text Data Garden and the essay Learning from Narcissus by writer Tom Jeffreys, as well as documentation from the exhibition. Data Garden explores assemblages of a biological and digital nature, issues of storage and privacy on networked technologies, and environmental impacts. It presents the stories of two endemic plants, Saxifraga depressa, indigenous to the Dolomites, and Micromeria acropolitana, which grows exclusively in the rocky terrain of the Acropolis. Secret communities attempt to protect the plants while experimenting with new technologies of storing data in the plants’ DNA. Fiction and scientific facts are intertwined in order to suggest alternative futures and forms of resistance. The stories are presented through two research-based installations that represent the two iterations of the project. Through developing a critical analysis of the two iterations, Tsionki’s curatorial vision and text offers a unique contextualisation of the overall project which presented as one for the first time at the Blenheim Walk Gallery, following two major commissions by the 8th Gherdeina Biennale and Onassis Stegi. Data Garden is an Open Access publication published by RSS Press, which can be downloaded from the LAU repository and RSS website.

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