Untitled I and II, from A Brief Arrangement

Kruczenyk, Freya ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0024-7850 (2018) Untitled I and II, from A Brief Arrangement. [Artefact]


This output is an artefact comprising two photograms. The photograms are taken from an ongoing body of work titled Casting Light, which explores the relationship between photography and sculpture through the projection and manipulation of light through the production of photograms, luminograms and installation pieces. Research process: Using a camera-less photographic technique, for A Brief Arrangement pieces of card were balanced temporarily on top of photographic paper and exposed briefly to light; the resulting prints play with the conventional visual language of photography, the translation of three dimensions into two, and the expectation that the photograph yield transparently to its subject. Research insights: Taking this experimental and process-driven approach disrupts the conventional distance between the photograph and its subject. Embracing chance, gesture and the unforeseen allows for the possibility of destabilising the authoritative eye of the photographer, disrupting their relationship to an identifiable ‘subject’. Dissemination: This output was disseminated as part of the Make Good exhibition at Leeds Arts University in September 2018.

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