Map and Score

Palin, Tom (2020) Map and Score. [Artefact]


The output comprises ‘Map and Score’, two artefacts (gouache on paper, 45 x 38.5 cm and 45 x 39 cm respectively). Research process: The artefacts reflect on Paul Celan’s poem Mapesbury Road; considered a controversial elision of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the attempted assassination of the German Marxist sociologist and a political activist Rudi Dutschke. They explore three main themes within the poem: walking, language and otherness/the surreal. Research insights: Palin considered the idea of navigation – both actual and aesthetic – in terms of painterly movements and forms of marking. The invocation of involuntary memory, employed here to both foreground and short circuit the impulse to interpret (and fix), acted as a framework within which to weave contemporary, textual, poetic and historical fragments together, whilst at the same time seeking to situate the works within the European landscape tradition, with its emphasis on place. Dissemination: The work was disseminated via exhibition as part of Beyond Other Horizons, Iași Palace of Culture, 1 March – 31 March 2020 and a British Council symposium, 3 March 2020.

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