The art of following instructions

Allen, Maria (2018) The art of following instructions. [Artefact]


The output is an artefact comprising a series of twelve photographs. Research Process: Learning is an active process rather than a passive one and constructivism proposes that people construct meaning successfully through active engagement with the world through experience. Having the capacity to understand and remember spatial relationships amongst visual objects through instructions is one important means of successfully achieving a desired outcome. This project starts from the presumption that people with poor spatial ability find it difficult to follow static instructions, whereas when using animated instructions this limitation is not found or less pronounced. Origami is the art of folding paper to create three-dimensional objects. Initially one must follow a set of instructions to achieve success. These instructions come in written form or static visualisations, and more recently, dynamic (or animated) visualisations. Allen documents her own process of learning this way through photography. Research Insights: This auto-ethnographic study uses the process of making Origami as a vehicle for reflecting on the artists own navigation of daily tasks and puts into action her own shortcomings for understanding instructions identified through her attempts to follow static visualisations. Successful outcomes were only realised through the following of dynamic visualisations evidencing the successes and failures through photographic documentation. The multiple modes of representation and instruction have been explored here through Constructivism theory drawing on the shifts in instructional strategies promoting a sense of personal agency. Dissemination: This output has been part of the Make Good 1 exhibition at Leeds Arts University. September 2018.

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