Thank you Estelle: Part 2

Craddock, Joanna (2016) Thank you Estelle: Part 2. Feast.


Thank you Estelle: Part two is a creative project, comprising a collection of photography and animation, and is part of a broader and ongoing body of photographic work responding to bereavement and inheritance, to explore the power and meaning of the familial object. Research process: Craddock’s research is based on a family archive of a small collection of domestic objects inherited from the artist’s aunt, alongside vernacular family snapshots. In a playful process, it photographically explores these now decontextualized objects and photographs. The work draws on ideas about the ‘affective object’ (Casella and Woodward 2014: 104), ideas of ‘co-presence’ (Barthes 1980), and the ways in which materiality (or immateriality) enables the image to be performed (Edwards & Elart: 2004: 10). Research Insights: The photographs refer to the lived experience of the person constructed through the visual culture associated with their life. Family photographs, objects and artefacts act memorialise, they are still resonant in some way and that through a creative process of repurposing and re- contextualisation, existing meaning can be drawn out and re-animated through new creative and visual associations. In this specific case a retirement cake encountered in a family photograph is remade and reimagined as a moving image to spin eternally in networked space, highlighting notions of gendered domestic ritual, repetition and time. Dissemination: The work has been exhibited in a number of ways and as both online and as physical exhibition, including the Leeds College of Art Technology Cluster Show Presence and Place 2017, peer-reviewed online Journal Feast in The Meal May 2017, in peer-reviewed online magazine Soanyway in Relaunch July 2018, and solo exhibition Objects and Arrangements at St Martins Church LS7 2018.

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