Welding, Philip ORCID logoORCID: (2019) BEINGS. Yorkshire Sculpture International.


‘BEINGS’ is a creative project comprising an exhibition and a published photobook. Research process: In 'BEINGS', objects and environments are what they appear to be; a cheese pot, a ladder, a piece of laminate flooring, a road. However, they are also constituent parts of a larger whole, like the matter from which they are themselves made. Where these object-particles collide, they create something new that is without a particular purpose, but which takes on a new sculptural form. In this context of remixing the everyday, some subjects instead sit as-found. Sitting in the glow of their reconfigured counterparts, they are somehow altered by association. They have a sculptural potential radiating beyond their use-function. Research insights: The project adds to the conversation about how photographic images speak about the sculptural nature of their subject, and in fact contribute to a transformation of 'things' into something that can be interpreted as sculptural objects. Objects come into being with an intended purpose; a reason to exist. This ‘stuff’ then sloshes around the everyday, like detritus: sometimes being useful (as intended); sometimes just being stuff. The area outside these two states is like a transformation, when an object or an environment can be seen as a separate entity from its particular function. Dissemination: The research was exhibited at Village bookstore, Leeds, 22 August – 4 September 2019, as part of Index Festival, a series of fringe events alongside Yorkshire Sculpture International. It was also disseminated via a photobook published by Salt n Pepper Press.

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