Griffiths, Carole and Robinson, Sally ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2541-1239 (2018) Futensils. Dye House Gallery.


The output is a creative project, Futensils. It was a collaboration between Robinson and Griffiths. Robinson contributed the photography to the project. Research Process: Robinson’s practice explores the central position of food photography in contemporary culture, the conjuring of shared social fantasies and idealised accounts of domestic life through these images. This includes examining the fetishization of objects involved in domesticity and particularly in the kitchen, and the social anxieties which permeate these objects and images. This project unites their interest, and involves ‘playing’ with domestic objects and utensils to create ‘found’ sculptures. The resulting photographs are experiments into animating and re-contextualising these objects and sculptures. The resulting exhibition showcased some of the photographs from this series alongside sculpted objects. Research Insights: The research demonstrated that food photography in popular culture conjures shared social fantasies and perpetuates idealised accounts of domestic life. This includes an exploration of the ‘mythical’ – idealised representations of the home, affection and fetishization of objects involved in domesticity. Kitchen objects relate to individual and group identities. The research highlights the link between food, identity and representation, and the construction of authenticity and myth. It reveals the social anxieties which permeate objects and images, and influence the production of ‘consensual hallucinations’. Dissemination: The project was exhibited at Dye House Gallery, Bradford in September 2018.

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