Palin, Tom (2014) SUM. In: SUM. Leeds Arts University.


Sum is a short essay within the BA Fine Art catalogue of the same title, from Leeds College of Art (now Leeds Arts University). It marked the culmination of the final projects of the 2011-2014 cohort and was used for the degree show, held in the Blenheim Walk site, Leeds, and subsequently the FreeRange project, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. This was the first group of Fine Art students that I worked from first to third year, and, owing primarily to the size of the cohort, I maintained a close proximity to many of the practices as they developed across the course of study; something I found useful when considering the task to hand. In the spring of 2014 I was approached by the student exhibitions team to write this piece for the yearbook, working with the idea ‘sum’, which was to be the title of the exhibition.

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