Cooke, Liadin ORCID logoORCID: (2014) Nostos. [Show/Exhibition]


The output is an exhibition expanding on an earlier series of sculptures and drawings about place. Nostos is about the importance of key objects that we live with and is underpinned by the ongoing references in Cooke’s practice to site/place, object and history - and her experience as an Irish immigrant. The exhibition consists of 3 wall-based sculptures and a series of drawings that look at the most important objects that Cooke thinks are needed to make a living space function – a bed, table, car and books. Research Process: ‘Firmamental Product’ a wooden wall-based sculpture the size of a desk in Cooke’s studio, hangs from the wall by a 13m long crios [a traditional woven Irish belt]. Carved from walnut, it has a round protrusion butting out from one corner that pushes it out from the wall - begging a question of purpose. ‘Ignorant Brown’ in plywood, is the abstracted shadow of an Irish settle bed. The molten tin poured onto the surface is potentially an indicator of the internal state of suspension in sleep. ‘Un-English’ looks at European car design and cars that Cooke appreciates. ‘Stack 1-5’ are watercolours of texts that are a key part of Cooke’s creative practice and are visual notes of an intense internal world of exploration and discovery. Research Insights: The artworks are about embodying need rather than exploring function. The series of works deal with fracturing within issues based, in part, on Cooke’s status as an immigrant and her observations on the politics of movement within the modern world. Cooke also examines ideas around belonging, nostalgia and idealised homesteads. Dissemination: The output was exhibited at noshowspace, London, 25 September – 24 October 2014. An accompanying illustrated publication was printed by noshowspace with an interview between Cooke and Natalie Rudd.

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