Best British bonces

Simpson, Ben (2019) Best British bonces. Sunny Bank Mills.


This output is a creative project comprising an illustrated essay, several exhibits, and a series of workshops. It is a practice-led history of British cartoonists. Research process: This research investigates the political elasticity of ‘Britishness’, exploring the semiotics of humour, and how select cartoonists represented the ‘Britishness’ of their childhood. It is researching perceptions of humour and the potential revival of British humour comics. Research insights: The project found that there are modes of humour that are no longer acceptable due to a shift in societal values. The project tries to address what is humour now and the potential for the revival of such aesthetics. The project was disseminated via publication, The Zine, via exhibition and a series of workshops aimed at 12-18 year olds.

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