Lady Lane

Eyre, Sarah (2017) Lady Lane. [Show/Exhibition]


‘Lady Lane’ is new work that was developed for ‘Discursive Documents’, the work draws on associations of consumption and desire through the use of appropriated fashion imagery. Reoccurring motifs of eating, swallowing up, possession, control, internalization and expulsion are suggested through mouths, mirrors, holes and other kinds of orifice which connect the inside and surface of the body. The rough cut and paste of the collages and the stuttering movement of the animated gifs destabilise the smooth glossiness of the original images and maybe, through the re-figuration of materials could suggest playful possibilities for a re-negotiation of relationships between the female body and its representations. These pieces are part of an ongoing investigation of the shifting relationships between desire, consumption and the female body. I use photography, collage and moving image techniques to produce digital hybrid pieces that explore the possibility that the materials I use may have a kind of material agency outside their everyday function. The ‘Discursive Documents’ exhibition, curated by Dr Liam Devlin, explored the photograph’s potential to prompt debate by pairing artists and photographers whose work was linked thematically. It was part of the ROTOR series - a collaboration between Huddersfield University and Huddersfield Art Gallery, and consisted of an exhibition, performance a public talk where the paired artists - Sarah Eyre and Layla Sailor presented their work which explored the complex relationships between fashion, femininity and its representations. This was followed by responses from invited guest speakers- Dr Alison Rowley and Dr Lynne Fanthome, and a panel discussion and open debate about this series of issues. Participating artists: Beldea, Alexandru (Artist) ; Kurtis, Seba (Artist) ; Mulhearn, Richard (Artist) ; Higginbottom, Richard (Artist) ; Eyre, Sarah (Artist) ; Sailor, Layla (Artist).

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